close-up of the collection
For creating the conceptual collection, modelling and draping on the mannequin was chosen, because it illustrated more of the design ideas as well as for what is possible to achieve. Every design-idea starts with simple squares, which afterwards is given a three dimensional shape. Some inspirations to that came from Japanese pattern cutting books , as well as from the knitwear-designer Pier Antonio Gaspari. While working on this also the work with a circular knitting machine, and its software, became a part of the project. The simple white-on-white designs on this machine were created by trying out different combinations of stitch variations together with mixing the Lycra with the silk-polyester combination. In addition the self-produced jerseys afterwards are going to be dyed in different tie-dye-techniques as well as added with the same prints of the same pattern on the jersey or with a second print design. Finally the self-produced jerseys build the whole knitwear-collection. The qualitative silk yarn delivers additional to the loose-fitting-cut a comfortable feeling while wearing the pieces of the INNCORRECT LIAISON collection.

collection pieces of INCORRECT LIAISON

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