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inspiration for the design
inspiration for the design

This laser-cutted designs are inspired by lacy structures and by the artwork from the Lost in Lace exhibition (19th November 2011). The Lost in Lace exhibition at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery showed me a new aspect of lacy surfaces and had an big impact on my desings. The "flattery-massive sequins" are matching with the plastic sequins (bought them in a tiny sewing-accessories-shop next to Berwick Street in Soho/London) and deliver the whole collection a structured surface. For INCORRECT LIAISON shirt-denim, jersey, paper-cloth and Latex where choosen for the laser cut designs. During working with the lasercutter several experiments with all the material were made as well as lots of explorations were won. While on the one hand the denim and the paper-cloth didn´t took that much experimentation work, on the other hand the latex took much more try-outs.

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