royal copenhagen porcelaine.
pale porcelaine faces.
lace structures.
indigo tie-dyeing.
japanese textile culture.
fluorescent colours.

 At the beginning inspiration came from looking at Royal Copenhagen porcelain and its white and blue patterns. This inspiration was the start of the whole idea. Looking at the characteristics of porcelain, its breakability and fragility, created more and more ideas. As well the patterns on the porcelain, which show a lacy structure, inspired me to combine knitting with printing as well as lasercutting. Contemporary lace pattern and structures should be created. Inspired by the blue and white porcelaine tie-dyeing with indigo became a part of INCORRECT LIAISON. 

When this started, there were just three main colour ranges - white, blue, red - working in the design process. The white as well as the blue shades are inspired by the Royal Copenhagen porcelain Primal red will be the third colour in the colour-table. This was inspired by porcelain faces and the contrast of the white to the red-orange lips of a model from an editorial photo shoot of a fashion magazine which I accidentally found one day. Trying to fit the red nuances into the design did not work as well as I had thought and I did not feel comfortable with using red as a third colour. Visiting the Premiere Vision 13 - Paris trip, 16th February 2012 - provided a new inspiration for the whole colour range, so that the third colour range changed into a neon-fluorescent-pink-orange-combination with a lime-green-yellow highlight, which makes the whole mood more unique, younger and fresher.  

While working with the tie-dyeing a structure came up which directed the work towards investigating Japanese textile techniques, for example the Shibori technique, which is a special Japanese dyeing method where patterns are created through binding, stitching, pleating, folding and compressing a piece of cloth. Shibori is the general term for this technique and is better known as tie-dyeing.

Now Japanese textile culture and traditional Japanese fashion became the main background of INCORRECT LIAISON. Additional to traditional Japanese techniques and fashion items, the silhouettes of the most influential contemporary Japanese fashion designers, like Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto, had a big impact on my prior idea about high-end fashion knitwear for women. That is why my first collection idea began to transform into the idea of a unique, high-end as well as primarily knitted, conceptual collection. 

inspiration mood - colour & sequins - PARIS 15th-18th February 2012

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